Mason City Limits Comedy Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Mason City Limits is at 114 E. Chestnut Street in downtown Mason City, next to Jack and Jo's Steakhouse

Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are always recommended because often our shows are sold out and even if we're not sold out, it helps us to make sure we have the proper number of staff to ensure good service. Plus it's so easy to make one.

How do I make a reservation?
Just call us at 217.482.LAFF and tell us what show you'd like to attend and how many people are in your party and you can pay at the door, just be nice enough to call and cancel if your plans change. If you don't get a live person, just follow the instructions on the voicemail and if you have any additional questions, just leave your phone number and we'll call you back. Reservations left on our answering service must leave a phone number to have reservations honored.

Do I need to provide my credit card number to make a reservation?
In most cases, no, however there are some "Special Shows" where a credit card number is required to make a reservation.

What's a "Special Show" anyway?
We like to think all of our shows are special, but some of our entertainers are so popular that we require a credit card because people get excited and make reservations for 17 and then only 5 people show up and in the meantime we've turned people away that really wanted to see the show, thinking we were sold out.

What if I need to cancel some tickets?
For a regular show, please call the club as soon as you know. For a special show where you have already purchased tickets, you must call 24 hours before the show to receive a refund.

Why can't I use a coupon or free pass for a "Special Show?"
Because the entertainers in a "Special Show" have high powered agents and we're contractually prohibited from honoring any discounts.

What is the cover charge?
The cover charge varies by night of the week and by performer. Usually we like to keep the cost at $12.50, but some acts name their own price. Our Amateur and Open Jam shows are free. Occasionally we'll do a $5.00 Friday or half-off Saturday. Check back on the website for details.

Some clubs have preferred seating. Can I pay extra to get a better seat?
Our new V.I.P. seating lets you choose your seats! For just $2.00/seat extra, you can request up front, middle, or back of the showroom seats. For the most part, whoever makes their reservations earliest, and all our seats are good seats. Are some seats better than others? Sure, but even if you're sitting at the back table, you'll still feel like you're part of the show with good sight lines and audio.

How old do I have to be to attend a show at Mason City Limits?
18 to enter...21 of course to drink alcoholic beverages.

Can I bring my children?
If they are at least 16 years old and you are the legal guardian and have documentation to prove it. (Some shows are rated "R" - Parental Discretion Advised)

Do you serve liquor?
Mason City Limits has a full liquor license. We offer some high end items such as Chocolate Martini's, top shelf liquor as well as beer and wine.

What's with the one-drink-per-person minimum?
To keep the cost of tickets down, we ask that you purchase at least one drink. It doesn't have to be alcoholic, but we're funnier if it is!

Does that mean we can ONLY have one drink?
Of course not! Drink up, drink with moderation, and please use a designated driver.

What kind of non-alcoholic drinks are available?
Coke products and Bottled Water.

Some Comedy Clubs have Party Packages. Do you?
Call the club for details.

Do you have group rate discounts?
Sometimes. It depends on the size of your group (10 minimum), which night, and who the entertainer is. Call us at 217.482.LAFF or email us for specific details.

Do you serve food?
We do not, but there are several restaurants within walking distance: El Patron 217 482-5857, Smokey's Bar & Grill 217 482 3584 and The Dew Drop In 217 482-5567. Aim for dinner reservations apprx 90 - 2 hours before showtime. All the restaurants serve carry out; so as long as you have a table, you can bring local food into the club.

I enjoy comedy, but not when it's too dirty. Why don't you rate your shows?
Well we tried that, but an "R" to one person is another person's "PG" or "X," so what we do is mention it when they are extremely blue or exceptionally clean. Otherwise assume they are somewhere in the middle, meaning there will be some adult language but not too graphic. Please do not hesitate to call for more specific information regarding the shows.

My question wasn't listed in the FAQ Section. What should I do?
Get a better question! Just kidding. Call us at 217.482.LAFF or email us and we'll do our best to respond.

Mason City Limits Comedy Club